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A kind guidance for teachers

who use Well Done Mathematics! for the first time


When I visited Tanzania it was good to confirm that the responses to the book from teachers, parents, and students were much better than I expected. However, there was another unexpected opinion from teachers. “The book is really good, but I don’t know how to use it well because I have never seen this kind of book.”


After coming back to Korea, I got an e-mail from an elementary school teacher, Kyeonghee Lee, saying she also wants to get involved in making the book. She was one of the members who made a national math textbook for S.Korean students and got impressed by the story that the book with high quality was created only by the dedicated volunteers and donators.



professor Yongtae Kim at Gwangju National University of Education

photo by_ Mirim Seo


So I asked her about making a guidebook for teachers who will use the books for teaching students because I was sure that she could probably know how to teach teachers to understand and use the book as a real teacher. She gathered more teachers and a professor of a national education university who participated in making the S.Korean math textbook together and completed a wonderful guidance for teachers who teach children with the book.


The book has been translated both in English and French and sent to some schools in Tanzania, les Editions Ganndal in Guinea, and Western Cape Education Department in South Africa as a form of PDF.




The layout concept was designed by Eunmi Youn.



The suggestion from Western Cape Education Department (WCED), South Africa_






When I visited Cape Town, I could have a meeting with the people from curriculum committee of WCED and they wondered that whether they can make the WDM as a form of E-book for students in public schools in Cape Town.


So I tried to make the new project and the delegation of WCED also visited Korea to meet teachers and the professor of Gwangju National University of Education, who made the guidebook for teachers to make more contents of the book in early 2017. However, due to the budget problem, the project has been suspended in the end.


Although the Well Done Mathematics! project has always been suffered from the budget deficit, I feel great that I could get quite meaningful results I have never expected before only with about $27,000 of money fundraised from well-minded individuals in the world. Although I do not want to repeat the same process, I would love to work on improving quality of education in developing countries if I can get enough budget and appropriate support in the future.






Professor. Yongtae Kim at Math Education Lab

in Gwangju National University of Education (GNUE)

Inhae Nam (from Muhak elementary school)

Min Seo (from Jinwol elementary school)

Junghae Lee (from Gwangju Jung-ang elementary school)

Kyeonghee Lee (from Yeoheung elementary school)

Jimin Han (from Qingdao Chungwoon elementary school)

Coordination_ Mirim Seo at GNUE


Cheif Director_ Donghee Cho

Main Design_ Eunmi Youn

English Translation_ Haemi Moon

French Translation_ Emma Vincent

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