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Bien Joué les Mathématiques!

pour les enfants qui débutent l’apprentissage des mathématiques



photo by_ Miku Kano



Mathematics + Various knowledges = Integrated textbook


Well Done Mathematics! is an integrated textbook helping children to have interest in learning math with a story of the African boy Didier, who loves football. It helps students to learn important values such as ‘fairness’ and ‘cultural diversity’ as well as the solar system and the sea through the Didier’s adventure. It was made by volunteer educators, illustrators, designers, translators, and individual donators of Well Done Project.





Evaluation of Well Done Mathematics!



She is one of the curriculum committees of Western Cape Education Department in South Africa. She wanted to use the book in school, especially for boys to get interested in math class when I gave some books to them after having a meeting in their office building in Cape Town.




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Partnership with les Editions Ganndal in Guinea_



It was good to know that the people in Tanzania evaluated the book would help children to study pleasantly but, I realized that I couldn’t sell the books by myself. So I tried to contact children book publishers in Africa on the list of Bologna Children book fair and got an answer from Aliou Sow of les Editions Ganndal in Guinea. Although I had to do all the works concerning the making French version of the book due to the short budget, I could manage and send the first 5,000 copies to Guinea after two years we met each other.



Chief Director_ Donghee Cho
Contents_ Eunhye Yang | Miji Choi | Eunkyung Yoon
Illustration_ Minkyung Sin | Jongchae Kim | Jong-eun Yoon | Yujeong Choi | Youngji Lee

Design_ Jiyoun Kim| Donghee Cho (concept)
Translation_ Antoine Arnound | Frederic Bibard | Seolhee Park (Eng) | Haemi Moon (Eng)

Research_ Jun Miguel Lee
Proofreading_ M Aliou Sow | Ibrahima Bah Pita | Emma Vincent




Aliou Sow at Les Editions Ganndal




2013 Making English version of  <Well Done Mathematics!>

2014 Selling <Well Done Mathematics!> in Tanzania / Fixing two water tanks in Sinoni / Mbuyuni primary schools with a local NGO The Green Living Planet

2015 Making French version of <Well Done Mathematics!> / Making the guidebook for teachers for Well Done Mathematics!

2016 Selling <Well Done Mathematics!> French version in Guinea with the local publishing company les Editions Ganndal

2017 Planning an education support project with Western Cape Education Department (WCED) in South Africa and Gwangju National University of Education (GNUE) in S.Korea (suspended)

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