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There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.  – Ernest Hemingway



The end of the long journey with Well Done Mathematics! and Didier 



The Well Done Mathematics! project in South Africa has been suspended in the end due to a financial issue. the project has always been suffered from the budget deficit, I feel great that I could get quite meaningful results I have never expected before only with about $27,000 (excluding my own) of money fundraised from well-minded individuals in the world. I realized the importance of making the balance between using technology and conventional education style while seeing and meeting people in fields.

I definitely do not want to repeat the same process because I made a lot of mistakes and they took my precious time and money while I was working on it. It was such a painful period even though it was also a delightful time in my life as well. But I would love to work on a research project for improving quality of education in developing countries if I have another chance in the future. And I also hope that I can fix the mistakes I have made.




A small challenge for making a sustainable business and working together, not helping

I believe the best way to help people is empowering their potential.

I am planning to visit the village in March 2018 and try to develop an original souvenir ‘Norigae (Korean traditional lucky charm) of Melakee village’s elephant camp using the textiles we made together so that the people can make a sustainable business by themselves. Our aim is sending the makers’ children to high school with the profits and earning money to keep the project until 2020.


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