Well Done Mathematics! French Version

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Most of the money for making the French version of the book was fundraised by volunteer activists in Busan and profit from selling Sun Child and the English version of Well Done Mathematics! book. The provider in Guinea les Editions Ganndal paid half of the budget for printing and sending the 5,000 copies of the books as a partner.



Special thanks to_ 


Donghee Jo and Ye-eun Kim


Jihong Lim


Hyoji Son


Seunghee Ryu, Busan Yonsan middle school Well Done Angels


Dung Producer




Scent of books (책향기) in Busan


Books and Children (책과 아이들) in Busan



City Traveler (도시여행자) in Daejeon


Gagarin in Seoul



Indigo Bookshop in Busan



Gumbook in Seoul


Alan’s Pipe




and Eunmi Youn, Se-eun Lee, Shine Paper, One Nanum, Kids’ Art Farm



Chief Director_ Donghee Cho
Contents_ Eunhye Yang | Miji Choi | Eunkyung Yoon
Illustration_ Minkyung Sin | Jongchae Kim | Jong-eun Yoon | Yujeong Choi | Youngji Lee

Design_ Jiyoun Kim| Donghee Cho (concept)
Translation_ Antoine Arnound | Frederic Bibard | Seolhee Park (Eng) | Haemi Moon (Eng)

Research_ Jun Miguel Lee
Proofreading_ M Aliou Sow | Ibrahima Bah Pita | Emma Vincent




Aliou Sow at Les Editions Ganndal


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