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 Karen people in Melakee village, Nothern Thailand_ 



Karen people are one of the minority groups living in Thailand and Myanmar.

The people in Melakee village are the only Karen tribe who runs an elephant camp by themselves in Thailand. I met the Karen people when I visited their elephant camp while I was traveling in South East Asia in 2015.



Our New Elephant Vision (text below from www.karentribenativeelephants.com)



As elephants ceased to be used in farming and logging, in our village, we were no longer able to afford to keep and feed them. Many villages sold their elephants to the commercial tourist camps where they were overworked and badly treated. To keep our beloved elephants in our village, we had to invent a new model. Instead of being working farm animals or circus performers. Our elephants are now at the core of our Ecotourism project, Karen Tribe Native Elephants. It is visitors like you who admire and want to support elephants in a caring environment that crucially replace the circus entry fees and the former farming work.


Our Village now has some elephants. We have come together to help both mistreated elephants and our village by bringing the elephants back. Baby Elephants! We have baby elephants and more on the way, we are excited to announce our main priority is coming to pass.



iCOOP who pursuits ethical consumption_ 


iCOOP is the biggest co-op in S.Korea. They have more than 90 co-ops, 193 stores as their own brand ‘Jayeon Dream’, and hire 3,600 employees in the whole country.





마윤미, 고명옥, 이정은, 이진희, 최명선, 강경숙, 최혜연, 허경림, 임교향, 장자엽, 율목아이쿱생협, 김순겸, 안계순, 박은경, 최정숙, 아이쿱오순이, 김미덕, 차유미, 조효영, 김혜정, 최지혜, (아이쿱부안)김정수, 고승혜, 김미영, 이현숙, 노영선, <아이쿱>한금희, 신남정, 마산아이쿱, 이현정, 조미선, 변수미, 권용이, 정소영, 최수경, 윤혜진, 허라연, 양준연, 황선당, 연혜영, 이원영, 윤유진, 김선영, 하지애, 정갑선, 최미원, 여영진, 장순경(아이쿱), 임정은, 양산아이쿱 정미영, 박소현, 김지영, 김희선, 박원지, 김정란, 임현주(아산YMCA아이쿱), 한완선, 송은주, 정의영(아이쿱) , 박영미, 윤진경, 아이쿱 최미경, 여영진, 아이쿱 최미경, 이명희, 경주아이쿱생협, 임혜영(아이쿱), 임희숙(아이쿱), 이화진, <아이쿱>송현화, 김찬형, 이은정아이쿱, 유태근, 변정화, 김효진, MOKPO iCOOP, 아이쿱 양신혜, 윤승헌, 최순하, 성남아이쿱생협, 김금동, 아이쿱김해, 권선영, 추재경, 양윤진, 김강숙, 표현진, 김환민, 강선란, 김승희, 김한나, 박설희, 구영옥(원나눔), 윤이나, 이민숙, 이덕운, 강연희, 조동희, 유진우, 김윤경, 손정우, 정현숙, 서여흔, 최은주, 김영옥, 장현주, 이수지, 오귀복, 이경희, 고현진, 김은정, 박은주, 옥님, 박수미, 조계현, 배소흠, 박경혜, 전재선, 안상현, 윤유정



Special thanks to_

Sun in Melakee village, Youngmi Kim and Nayoung Lee at iCOOP campaign team



Chief Director_ Donghee Cho

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