iCOOP’s Honest Food Labelling’ Campaign Design

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Storytelling + Visualizing

= Easy to understand



photos by_Jeongkyeong Gong from iCOOP



I designed the Honest Food Labelling campaign of iCOOP, which is the biggest co-op in S.Korea with creative director Shinbi.


I organized and made overall designs from the logo for the campaign, infographics to characters and cartoons to help people understand the difficult contents for the legislation and spread them through SNS more easily because the target audience was mid-aged housewives who share their thoughts with other people through Kakao Talk (The most popular mobile messenger). It worked and raised the participation among members of iCOOP than we expected and got a good evaluation.



Logo for the campaign


Cartoon Series_ What happened to my cart today?







photo from_ iCOOP



Infographics for Promotion and Open Discussions









Honest Food Labelling Campaign Festival in Gwanghwamun Plaza










some photos above by_Jeongkyeong Gong from iCOOP


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