DR 콩고 우물 만들기 모금 프로젝트, 2009

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스스로 만든 미션:  1,000 만원 모금 + 아티스트 홍보



It was Well Done Project’s first fundraising project to build a water pump in DR Congo by making and selling artists’ products to promote their artwork. The aim was making $10,000 and all the people got involved the project was pure volunteers. I started it just as a temporary self-making volunteer work at the first time but I had to make bigger plans as I had to fundraise much more money than I expected before starting it. Although it was quite hard to challenge, it gave me a good chance to organize all the processes from planning and gathering the artists to selling the products.



1. 시작: 13만원으로 시작한 엽서 제작 


엽서의 첫 판매처였던 아름다운책방 신촌점’에서 찍은 사진



2. 다음 희망해 온라인 모금





2009년 5월 한 달 동안 680만원 가량모금



3. 첫 텀블러 시리즈 


photo by_ Seo Hye



4. 아름다운커피의 공정무역 텀블러 디자인 의뢰



엽서와 텀블러 등을 판매하여 400만원 가량 모금



후원자들의 이름으로 물방울을 만들어 현판 제작

design_ Hyojin Park




모금을 NGO 월드비전World Vision 에 보내

2010년 DR 콩고 풍구르메 지역에 우물 설치





Chief director_ Donghee Cho

Postcards_ Jungu Noh, Ara Youn, Jihae Ma

Tumbler Designs_ Minkyoung Sin, Kyonghee Kim, Sohee Park, Sunhwa Kim, Seo Hye, Jinhee Song

Poster and Name board design_ Sangwon Lee, Hyojin Park

and Eunsil Cha, Song-i Lee, Hyunwoo Kim




Special Thanks to_


Daum CSR team

Beautiful Coffee

Korean Air
Samwon Paper

Beautiful Book Store Shinchon

2009 대학로 문화축제 기획단

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